America responds

America responds: (From the AP story, “Donations Pour in for Katrina Relief“) Americans are responding to Hurricane Katrina with a massive outpouring of giving, at times overwhelming call centers and computer servers set up by charities to field donations. Total donations passed the $200 million mark by Friday, four days after the storm slammed into the Gulf Coast. The bulk of those funds were collected by The American Red Cross, which said it has raised $196.9 million from individuals and corporations.

Donations to the Red Cross so far fall short of the $550 million the agency raised after last December’s tsunami, or the $1 billion in total donations it took in after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. But the volume of calls – about 100,000 a day this week – has vastly outpaced the response after previous disasters, suggesting the donation total could rise substantially.

“It’s greater than any response we’ve had in memory,” Ryland Dodge, a spokesman for the Red Cross said.

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Nashville responds, and then, well, go figure

Nashville responds, and then, well, go figure: Nashville-based Thomas Nelson’s CEO Michael Hyatt blogged his decision to authorize the world’s largest publisher of Bibles to contribute 100,000 Bibles in response to requests from hurricane-affected areas, as well as $100,000 from employees and the company. Hyatt has left the comments open on his blog post and the response has been quite perplexing in the mis-directed anger displayed by some.

(As the Gideons are also based in Nashville, I’m sure they’ll be responding with Bibles as well.)

Houston responds

Houston responds: Abram Himelstein, a New Orleans evacuee, is blogging from Houston, on a blog called In Exile the Houston Chronicle has set up. It is heartening to see the coverage tonight of all that Houston is doing to help in this crisis. The humanitarian stories that are coming from Houston tonight are of the type that we hope to hear in the wake of natural disasters.

Houston Chronicle’s Katrina Special Report (RSS)

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