Suggestion: Hey all you political bloggers, why not call a truce between now and, to pick a significant date, September 11, and focus your persuasive skills on getting folks to participate in hurricane relief. Just stop with the blaming and name calling for ten days. Then have at it.

However, if you feel you must focus your energies on the politics of disaster planning and response, Rogers Cadenhead has an idea for a competition that at least has some positive results. Frankly, I don’t give a flip whether liberals or conservatives can raise more money, so good luck to both sides.

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5 thoughts on “Suggestion

  1. I am sure there are some politics surrounding all of this, but my critisms, and condemnations do not come from political motivation. They come from anger and frustration. I held off any critical comments of the Administration and its effort until the FEMA moron claimed to have just found out about the convention center people Thursday. That is beyond incompetance and people are dead because of it.

  2. Amen, Rex. Let’s just get on with this and ahve at the politics later, though I, too am astounded at the FEMA incident Cole mentioned.

  3. I’m not directing any criticism at bloggers who want to vent their frustrations and outrage at what they think is or isn’t taking place. This is one of the most complex and devastating events of my lifetime — I”d like to drop all and head to New Orleans if I thought I could do something. I understand the outrage.

  4. No blogger here, but a reader. Sorry Rex, I disagree. People are rightfully mad about this. I personally found the whole “It’s unpatriotic to criticize the government” feeling after 9/11 a little disconcerting, and I’m worried that this would just lead to the same sort of thing.

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