Katrina survivor database

Katrina survivor database: This looks like a grassroots effort to compile names of survivors and missing by GulfCoastNews.com (which has links to some mirror sites if that link doesn’t work). Yesterday, I agreed with Staci Kramer’s call for an “aggregated people finder.” It appears this survivor database is one such attempt at doing that. I’m sure there are others. It would be good to have all these efforts pooling together via tags, RSS or whatever – the how is over-my-head (note to the open-source IT community: a weekend project?).

Update: via Robert Scoble, I see that MSNBC has a similar effort. Again, all this information from different collection sources should be pooling into an open database.

Update II: Below is a list of still more survivor databases. Somehow these wonderful efforts should all be pooled or aggregated some way:

National Next of Kin Registry
Hurricane Refugee
Katrina Survivors
Katrina Messages
WDSU Survivor Messages
Pearl River County
5000+ person database
Craig’s List – New Orleans
Sun Herald Hurricane Katrina
Survived Katrina forums
Homeland Security Request
Salvation Army Survivor Request
NowPublic Missing Persons Board
NOLA.com Missing Persons Forum
Katrina Volunteer & Housing Opportunities
Katrina Missing Persons

CNN Safe List
I’m Okay

Katrina: Family-Friends Forum

Craigslist Katrina Survivors

Clarion Ledger
Hurricane Katrina Forum

Salvation Army Team
Emergency Radio Network

Earthlink’s Hurricane Help

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