Nashville Library responds

Nashville Library responds: A list of “what Nashvillians can do” and other Katrina-response resources is being maintained by the Nashville Library. Also, Katrina evacuees who are in Nashville have been approved to obtain a Nashville library card and can use the computers at the downtown library or branches for Internet access.

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  1. Hello, I am from Germany and I am just seeing the shocking TV pictures from New Orleans and Biloxi. What I am seeing are old, sick and poor, mostly coloured people, which are left alone in the desaster area. What have you done? The rich people have left the area before the storm reached coast, the poor people must stay and die. This can`t be possible in “gods own country”. I am praying, that your president will change his opinion about the Kioto Climat protocol. Your nation was hit by the first big strike back of the global climat, I pray that the world will learn something. If not, the victims died senceless. I am shocked that USA is able to organise a big war, far away from homeland, but not the help in his own country. Five miniuts ago, I have seen your president, visiting the desaster area, and the report told us, that the place was cleaned, the dead have been taken behind the houses, before the president reached this place. I am realy shocked about this.
    The helpers in germany are alarmed, our civil technical support toopers, firefighter, flying docters are ready for take off, but your president was not asking for more as to open our oil reserve, to support american economy. I think, thats evil, not to think for the people which need help, but for the profit of the national economy and the rising oil prices. Dear god, I can’t understand how a president, calling himself a christian, can do such things. My heart is with the refugees, which saved their lives. Give your brothers and sisters a covering roof over their heads, protect them. God may help you and I pray that he will change the misguided spirit of your president.

  2. I’ve decided to wait until after September 11 to respond to this. However we agree on one thing: my heart is with the refugees.

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