Pool this data – lists of survivor/missing databases

Pool this data – lists of survivor/missing databases: As people have been kind enough to e-mail me links to the following efforts to build databases of names of survivors and missing people, I’m happy to list them. There needs to be a way to pool this data so that people don’t have to go from database to database looking for the information they seek. Perhaps a narrow search engine that just indexes these domains? A google hack that just searches these? If someone comes up with one, please add it to the comments:

Update: The Katrina People Finder Project is an effort to pull-together all of the disparate databases and forums springing up to help loved ones find one another. They need volunteers.

Update II: The great folks at Yahoo! Have developed a search tool that indexes all of the databases.

Other lists of lists:

Yahoo! Hurricane Katrina Missing Person and Survivor Lists
Online Journalism Review Katrina Wiki

About.com’s Katrina Relief

Finding Loved Ones (FirstGov.gov)


(As of 8:30 A.M. (CDT), Sunday, I have updated the list below in order to synch it with the lists being maintained by About.com, Yahoo! and the Online Journalism Report being maintained by Staci Kramer. Rather than point to this post, I encourage everyone to point to About.com or Yahoo! as they have the resources and bandwidth to keep up with this. However, I still encourage search-engine geeks out there to come up with a narrow-search that indexes just these sites. Frankly, Google should be able to pull one of the Google mini boxes off the shelf and have something working within a half-an-hour.)

BBC News: Hurricane Katrina Missing People

CastPost.com Hurricane Katrina Person Database

Clarion-Ledger: Katrina Forums

CNN: Hurricane Katrina Safe List

Coast Guard: Report Those Missing/Stranded

Craigslist New Orleans: Lost and Found


DirecTV: Searchable PDF of text messages and emails

Earthlink: Hurricane Help

FamilyMessages.org: Katrina Survivor Locator

Find Katrina

FullCircle.net Family & Friends Board

GulfCoastNews.com: Katrina Survivor Connector List

GWID.com: Katrina Missing List

Hugh MacLeod’s Hurricane Katrina Help Page

Hurricane Katrina Connections

Hurricane Katrina Refugee Connect

Hurricane Katrina Survivor Registry (searchable)

Hurricane Katrina Survivors Forums

International Red Cross: Family News Network for Katrina

Katrina Check-In (site is down)

Katrina: Family-Friends Forum






Katrina PeopleFinder Project

Meetup.com: Hurricane Katrina Meetups

MissingKatrina.com Photoblog

MSNBC Looking Message Board

MSNBC Safe Message Board

National Next Of Kin Registry

New Orleans Refugees Blog

N.O. Pundit Bulletin Boards

NOLA.com Hurricane Forums

NOLA Refugees Forums

NowPublic.com: Katrina Missing Persons Board

Picayune/Pearl River County Katrina Survivors

Red Cross Alert for Persons with Emergency Medical Conditions

Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network

Seeking People

Stay in Contact Forum

Survived Katrina Forums

Union for Reform Judaism Message Boards

U.S. Military Relief Information

Wal-Mart’s Hurricane Katrina Message Board

WDSU Message Boards

WorldNow Forums

WWLTV.com: I’m Okay Forum

WWLTV.com: Searching For Forum

Yahoo: Hurricane Katrina Message Boards

Got more links? Then either edit the OJR Katrina wiki or e-mail its editor at rniles(at)usc.edu

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2 thoughts on “Pool this data – lists of survivor/missing databases

  1. Great job, Rex. We’re trying to keep as complete a list as possible at the OJR Wiki — http://www.ojr.org/ojr/wiki/katrina — where people can add links or submit them. I’m committed to keeping that list if you’d like to hand off links to me and point people there.

    Also, it’s available in an OPML file updated dynamically as links are added or changed so the links can be imported. That url is

    At least one major search engine is working on aggregating the posts and creating a better way to search across them. In the meantime, it would help immensely if sites would start tagging posts and using categories that are searchable as tags. For instance, katrina and missing, safe, searching, housing, survivor, food, jobs, volunteer, donate, collect, links, photos, reference, etc. If you see sites that aren’t using tags, please encourage it — not everyone knows what tags are or how to use them — and/or link to them with the appropiate tags via sites like del.icio.us, furl, MyWeb2.0, etc. Some blogging software converts categories to tags. That will make it easier to aggregate. (I wrote about this a little today at Trust But Verify and hope to spread the word.)

    Thanks again for all your great work.

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