Sinking in

Sinking in: Perhaps symbolic of the collective delay in responding to Katrina has been how has responded. Universally praised for turning over its front page to tsunami relief almost immediately, did not add a donation link of any size to its front page until three days after the hurricane. Today, six days after, the dominant position of the front page is finally devoted to Katrina relief. This is not a criticism of Amazon’s response, rather a curious observation of how there was an apparent initial disbelief by lots of people that an unprecedented tragedy of historic proportions was unfolding. (I’ll reserve my criticism for Apple, who has hyped the Mighty Mouse in the dominant position all week.)

One thought on “Sinking in

  1. In everyone’s defense, I do think it wasn’t really apparent til Tuesday or Wednesday how bad it all was. Lots of the flooding seems to have happened after the storm itself.

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