The Katrina People Finder Project

The Katrina People Finder Project: An effort to pull-together all of the disparate efforts to help loved ones find each other.


Several dozen sites have been established to help survivors of Hurricane Katrina find their loved ones, and to allow people to report missing people. This creates a difficulty for people trying to locate missing persons – they need to search dozens of separate databases and message forums.

There are two main efforts going on:

PeopleFinderTech – automate data interchange between survivor databases

PeopleFinderVolunteer – coordinate a volunteer effort to input unstructured data by hand into structured databases.

If would like to participate in data entry, you probably want to begin on PeopleFinderVolunteer.

If you would like to participate in media outreach, please go to PeopleFinderPress.

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Did I miss something?

Did I miss something? (See the Times-Picayune) First, did Sean Penn or Jesse Jackson get there first? Second, does this mean that we’ve officially moved from complaining about “people aren’t being evacuated fast enough?” to “people are being evacuated too far away?” Also, am I to understand that Rev. Jackson would prefer evacuees (he says we shouldn’t call them “refugees”) be placed on army bases rather than matched up with families and individuals who would like to host them in their homes? If so, I’ll wait until September 12 to say what I think about his suggestion.