Nashville reponds

Nashville responds: There are specific requests for help now posted at the Nashville Helps Weblog and from the website, I learned that the 150 Nashville-area churches that are involved with Room in the Inn, a program that uses church facilities and volunteers to provide over-night lodging for the homeless during the winter months, are being contacted to assist in re-settling evacuees as the need develops.

This afternoon, I received an email from some folks at Hammock Publishing who learned of several families staying at an area motel who have lots of kids among them. We’ve already rounded up books and toys for them, but it suggests to me that (in addition to the 100,000+ people in Red Cross shelters) you can probably find similar situations at any motel within 400 miles of the Katrina-affected area.

Here’s a suggestion: Tomorrow, why not move your Labor Day cookout to the parking lot of one of these motels and get to know some of these families.