Did I miss something?

Did I miss something? (See the Times-Picayune) First, did Sean Penn or Jesse Jackson get there first? Second, does this mean that we’ve officially moved from complaining about “people aren’t being evacuated fast enough?” to “people are being evacuated too far away?” Also, am I to understand that Rev. Jackson would prefer evacuees (he says we shouldn’t call them “refugees”) be placed on army bases rather than matched up with families and individuals who would like to host them in their homes? If so, I’ll wait until September 12 to say what I think about his suggestion.

4 thoughts on “Did I miss something?

  1. Didn’t you just plead with everyone to stay away from blame? You’re coming pretty close to it yourself. The tone of this entry seems a bit disparaging.

    Actually, the guy from Thomas Nelson who wants to send Bibles to starving and thirsty people in need of medical aid beat both Penn and Jackson to Louisiana last week.

  2. I may be coming close, but no cigars. My post regards celebrities who always head to news cameras. I agree, however, my tone may seem disparaging. However, I’ve asked only for a moratorium on “blaming,” not disparaging. But, as you’ve pointed it out, I will now self-impose a moratorium on myself regarding that, as well. I’ll probably fail, but I’ll try.

  3. I told my husband it wouldn’t be a real hurricane party till both Gerald Rivera and Jesse Jackson showed up. On the news last night, I saw the party had begun. (But the last I heard of Sean Penn he was writing a series about Iraq for the SF Chronicle – maybe he got the journalism bug then.) 😉

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