17th Street Canal breach repaired

17th Street Canal breach repaired: (From the Times-Picayune breaking news weblog) “With assistance from the Army Corps of Engineers, repairs have been completed to the breech breach (they’ve now corrected the spelling to breach from breech, however, for obvious reasons, this is in no way a suggestion by me that blog posts be judged on spelling or grammar) at the 17th Street Canal, responsible for the post Hurricane Katrina deluge into New Orleans, the state Department of Transportation and Development announced during its mid-day briefing.”

Observation: Who now will step forward with brilliantly creative ideas for pumping the water out at a pace much faster than currently predicted? Why should we accept the conventional wisdom that it will take months to remove the water. Aren’t there pumps used for a wide array of industrial and agricultural purposes that can be transported to New Orleans to augment the pumps that are there?

4 thoughts on “17th Street Canal breach repaired

  1. Ya fast pumps with filters to eliminate the toxic reality of the water now coving the “heart attack highway”. Whose got one? Or 50.

  2. Well [and everyone write this down, because I am hard-pressed to remember the last time I said, “Screw the environment.”], while it would be great if lots of handy-whiz-bang-pumps-with-filters were sitting around, let’s not wait for them. There’s a lot of water and it’s time to get going on it.

  3. just keeping the screens clear will be challenge enough, much less fine-filtering the water to remove stuff dissolved in it – at least some of which leached or leaked out of the ground so the environment was already rather compromised.

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