Miami-FSU football game spectators respond

Miami-FSU football game spectators respond: They contributed an estimated $1 million to the Red Cross relief fund on the way into the game tonight.

Update: Also, it’s a heck of a game.

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  1. I missed that development. All my relatives are Florida fans so they’d expect such behavior from the Seminoles.

  2. In addition to the $1 million dollars raised at the game, there were Seminole Clubs nationwide that collected money during their 9/5 game watching event. In Middle Tennesee the ‘Noles gathered at the Embassy Suites, Cool Springs collected $255 which is being added to the $1 million raised at the game.

    How much did the Florida fans contribute at there 2st outing of 2006?


    John McDaniel
    Middle Tennessee Seminole Club

  3. A very good point — By the way, we condone any trash-talking around here that can help raise funds for Katrina relief. I’m sure there are some other college football fans around who’d like to show how much better they can do. But isn’t this the 2005 season?

  4. Rex,

    Yes, a typo on my part. Should be “1st outing of 2005.”

    We await a response of donations from other MidTN alumni groups.


  5. Rex,

    Here is the latest info on the Hurricane Katrina money raised at the FSU-Miami:

    Source FSU Alumni Association President 9-8-05 e-mail.

    Sure a long way from the $1 million figure. That must be a goal # for the entire drive.


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