Ed Blinn responds

Ed Blinn responds: (From the Times-Picayune breaking news weblog) “Almost 50 Slidell and Pearl River area residents made homeless by Hurricane Katrina’s devastation were evacuated over the weekend on two big tour buses with the promise of a new start in the Midwest. The promise – guaranteed jobs and free apartments for up to six months – was made by Ed Blinn, a Marion, Ind., businessman who owns three used car lots and almost 100 apartments.”

Jesse Jackson believes evacuees should be housed in barracks on military bases so they can work on re-building New Orleans.

I believe when you have hundreds of thousands of displaced individuals, you need all options available. Some people may want to live near New Orleans on a military base. Others may want to relocate temporarily to other parts of the country if hosts there are making available living quarters, jobs and schooling for their kids.

Give the evacuees-survivors-refugees all the options possible. Let them decide what to do.

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  1. I agree completely. This effort is massive. The more options the displaced individuals are given, the better.

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