Nashville-based Podcast Alley acqhired

Nashville’s PodCast Alley acqhired: According to SiliconBeat, Nashville-based Podcast Alley and its founder, Chris McIntyre, have been acq-hired by Adam Curry and Ron Bloom’s PodShow, its first acquisition since receiving $8.5 million in first round backing from the ubber-VC firms Kleiner Perkins and Sequoia. McIntyre will move to San Francisco, according to SiliconBeat.

For those keeping track, this is the second significant “acq-hire” of a Nashville RSS-centric business. The first was the NewsGator-FeedDemon deal.

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3 thoughts on “Nashville-based Podcast Alley acqhired

  1. The fact that you tagged this with acqhire is testament enough to the power of the Internet, you realize, right?

  2. Actually, Tom it’s testament to my shameless campaign to gain fame one day as the guy who coined the word “acqhire””

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