What Susan Kitchens said

What Susan Kitchens said: Last night, Susan Kitchens attended her first ever city council meeting in Monrovia, California.

On her weblog, she reports, “In the “open mike” section, I got my turn at the lecturn and spoke about how we in California have our own Big One. How we’re all first responders to each other. What’s the city’s plan? How can we know about it? Then I volunteered my services as a blogger.”

Susan was very kind to let me know the following:

“I took a printout of your post –and one of Josh Hallet’s post— with me to the city council meeting tonight. (first time I’ve attended one of these things in 16 years of living here.) Inquired about my city’s disaster plans. Offered my services as a volunteer blogger! . Described hyper-local news, gave an example with what I did during the San Bernardino mountain fires. Thanks for your post and for calling attention to this. It’s already going into new directions.

Also: Jeff Jarvis has coined the term Recovery 2.0 to describe the need for grassroots planning by bloggers and others using new technology and participatory media platforms to assist in responding to disasters. There is now a wikii to help pull together ideas and examples related to Recovery 2.0. Jeff’s post about the wiki can be found here.

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