Lewis Lazare still doesn’t get it

Lewis Lazare still doesn’t get it: Back before the nation was coping with a real cataclysmic disaster, Lewis Lazare of the Chicago Sun-Times, tried to create one by hyperventilating over his fantasy of the apocalyptic consequences of the New Yorker magazine running an issue with advertisements from a single sponsor, Target. Despite widespread ridicule of Lazare’s illogic and his obvious ignorance of history (and even some name calling) and the raves the magazine received, Lazare is back on the wolf-crying beat today, once again with a strange misunderstanding of history related to the topic.


The stage is set for what may prove to be a defining moment in the history of the American Society of Magazine Editors, a group of high-powered editors from more than 850 magazines, including many of the nation’s most well-known and prestigious. On Tuesday, the ASME board of directors is expected to deal with the New Yorker magazine’s controversial Aug. 22 issue, which had Target as its sole advertiser.

A defining moment in history of ASME? Yes. I think it could be a defining moment if they do something like pass a resolution praising the New Yorker for once more demonstrating to marketers how powerful an advertising medium magazines can be, thus saving the jobs of countless magazine editors and writers.

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One thought on “Lewis Lazare still doesn’t get it

  1. Not to put down the ASME group, but whatever they pass could be like the semi-apocraphyl story of the (fill in your favorite backward state legislature) voting to round pi off to 3 to make it easier to cipher <http://www.straightdope.com/classics/a3_341.html>. It may make them feel better or worse, but not effectively change anything in the long run.

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