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Blog lite: I’ll be off-line most of today. I’m working on a Katrina-related project that I look forward to sharing with you as soon as possible. The more I learn, the more I am convinced that recovering from Katrina will be a person-to-person job which will require a lot of people “adopting” or “fostering” specific Katrina-impacted people, families, churches, institutions and small businesses. I’m all for giving money to the Red Cross, etc. and I hope the federal government pumps in even more money and resources, but we can’t “out-source” helping on this one. This is a personal tragedy for hundreds of thousands of individuals, and they need to know there are specific individuals out here who are concerned about them, personally. More later.

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  1. Rex —

    You may remember me for trying to tear you a new one after your White House visit. In fact, I devoutly hope I succeeded. No apology 😉

    Nevertheless, I ran into you again searching for “Rex”, the New Orleans Krewe, because I agree with you that the recovery must be, at least, local — not perhaps person to person, as you write, but certainly small group to small group.

    And the NO Krewes are a huge pool of social capital, and authority, local to NO, that might be of use in rebuilding NO.

    So, good luck with this project. Send me a link when your project is up.

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