Defining nugatory

Defining nugatory: Last week, Lewis Lazare called today’s meeting of the American Society of Magazine Editors, its “defining moment” which can be translated to mean: They needed to agree with him that the New Yorker’s Target single-advertiser issue was one of the most heinous “church-state” violations in the history of magazines.

I guess he’ll now slam ASME for displaying the wisdom to ignore him, as the only thing ASME did, according to AdAge, was issue this anemic statement:

“Our guidelines do call for a publisher’s note to readers in single-advertiser issues, and The New Yorker has agreed to include such a note when and if they do this again.”

Ouch. Talk about a humiliating rebuke!

Come to think of it, I believe this was a defining moment of ASME because they, in effect, rejected Lazare’s nugatory criticism.

Update: He can’t understand why no one at ASME jumped on his one-man outrage band-wagon. Perhaps, Lewis, it is because the 14 managing editors on the board of directors of ASME actually understand how ridiculous your charges are. It’s time to move on, Lew.