Times-Picayune weblog Pulitzer update

Times-Picayune weblog Pulitzer update: When I made the statement that the Times-Picayune Breaking news weblog deserves a Pulitzer, I really meant it, but didn’t think it was possible. Jeff Jarvis has used his mighty blog and now, his Media Guardian column to second my nomination. And now, Mark Glaser at OJR, has checked in with the Pulitzer folks to see if it’s possible. And apparently, it is, if the Pulitzer Board wants to make one-time exceptions to the rule. Mark observes, “If ever there was a case for an exception to the rules, this would be it.”

Mark’s story also provides some great background on the work of the NOLA.com efforts, which continue to be extraordinary.

Nashville Symphony to host the Louisiana Philharmonic for its first post-Katrina performance

Nashville Symphony to host the Louisiana Philharmonic for its first post-Katrina performance: (From the Times-Picayune Breaking News Weblog) “The Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra will perform for the first time since Hurricane Katrina on Oct. 4 at 8 p.m. in the Tennessee Performing Arts Center’s Andrew Jackson Hall. The concert will be presented by the Nashville Symphony. LPO principal guest conductor Klauspeter Seibel and music director designate Carlos Miguel Prieto will lead the majority of the 68-member LPO in a program highlighted by violinist Mark O’Connor. “

How you can help a New Orleans-based Louisiana Cookin’ magazine keep cookin’:

How you can help the New Orleans-based Louisiana Cookin’ Magazine keep cookin’: Since the day before Katrina hit, I’ve been blogging about how folks have responded to the catastrophic needs of individuals affected by the storm. Then, last Thursday, from a magazine pubilishing friend, I heard about a situation that called for my response and that of my colleagues at Hammock Publishing and others in the magazine-publishing world, and I now hope the response of many of you who read this blog.

Frankly, until a few days ago, I hadn’t heard of Louisiana Cookin’ Magazine and I had never met its publisher, Romney Richard (that’s pronounced Ree-SHARD). She and her husband Charley publish Louisiana Cookin’ and a business-to-business publication, Sugar Journal. But Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath forced them out of their flooded home and office in New Orleans. (They still haven’t been able to return to either.) They are now living in an RV parked at their daughter’s home in Baton Rouge. Likewise, their staff are all direct victims of the disaster and are now evacuated across five states.

Committed to keeping Louisiana Cookin’ alive, yet consumed with the personal struggles she and her staff are facing, Romney sounded understandably dazed when I spoke with her for the first time last week. I told her that getting out a magazine is something I know how to help her do…and that I know a lot of folks who would also love to volunteer to help out. I told her to focus on her personal challenges and those of her employees and that folks who love Louisiana food and those in the magazine publishing community who could, would help fill in any gaps if called upon.

For the past four days, several people have been working behind the scenes to help Rommey put some plans together and to launch an effort we’re calling: Keep Cookin’: Friends of Louisiana Cookin’ Magazine.

In later posts, I’ll be blogging about specific things we are going to be asking folks to do, but for right now, here are two requests:

  • We’ve launched a weblog at KeepCookin.org. Please link to it. Please subscribe to its RSS feed. I know a lot of folks who read this blog are media-types, but we also really want to reach out to food bloggers, as well. Pass the word along to them.
  • Please purchase a subscription to the magazine. It’s a great magazine for folks who enjoy Louisiana cuisine or who have enjoyed the restaurants of New Orleans. Subscribing via the Louisiana Cookin’ website is perhaps the quickest and most-direct way that individuals can help support Romney’s efforts to get back up and running. (That, and advertising, which we discuss on the Keep Cookin’ blog.)
  • Along with several other folks, I will be blogging more about Keep Cookin’ and Louisiana Cookin’ magazine at KeepCookin.org. (However, until next Monday, I won’t be blogging very much here on the rexblog.)

    If you’d like to more information regarding Keep Cookin’ or would like to volunteer your support, visit KeepCookin.org or e-mail: helpkeepcookin (at) hammock.com

    Also, if you’re a blogger, as you make posts about this, please use the tags: , ,