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Keep linkin’ to Keep Cookin’: I really appreciate your help in spreading the word about efforts to support the publisher and staff of Louisiana Cookin Magazine, an informal grassroots effort we’re calling KeepCookin’ (note, there’s no “g” in cookin’). Please e-mail me at keepcookin (at) if you link to the weblog, so we can say thanks there. Thanks to these early linkers: Fixin’ Supper’s Laura Creekmore and B2B media blogger Paul Conley and Austin blogger Cole Huggins. Thanks also to Shawn Lea for spreading the word among the Carnival of the Recipes foodie folks. David Shaw was not only quick to volunteer his firm‘s support, he blogged a reason why this cause is a natural for him: David says he and his wife, “have a lithograph of Chef Paul Prudhomme hanging in our kitchen.” Also, thanks to Staci Kramer who e-mailed me volunteering help from the olympic-size editorial talent pool (my desciption, not hers) found at her house (although she admits to being “no foodie”).

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  1. I told Chuck Taggart about this. He’s at and has a weblog there, Looka. Lots of food-and-cocktail-related stuff on his site.

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