6 thoughts on “He had her from hello, she left him “I do”

  1. Not only did someone get the scoop first, I also never saw this coming. Jamie, Carrie and I had a discussion about this a few weeks ago, after which I stormed off saying, “You guys are crazy! They’re in love!” I have lost my touch, I believe. Where’s my People magazine?

  2. I gotta say, I knew this was coming all along. This just wasn’t gonna fly. Then again, us in the New York City area don’t think any of these things will work, I guess.

  3. Did you see where it says “fraud” is the reason for the annulment, per Zellwegger’s court papers? What is that?? Is this a “that’s what you have to say…” sort of thing, or did she think he actually had a full head of hair and it took her 4 mos. to catch him without the hat?

  4. Of course, they could be wrong. He’s a teeeeeeny little guy but I just don’t see what they see.

    Then again I also didn’t see what Renee saw so…

    Hell I just don’t like country music.

  5. Muffy. If you were at a country station and not an alternative rock one, you’d say, “He’s a teeeny little guy, bless his heart.”

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