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Welcome home: I’m back home in the land of cell phone coverage and broadband. Last week, I was rambling along the coast of Maine, a place Sprint apparently has not discovered. After leaving my in-laws, I did find myself amidst plentiful wifi, however, by then, the vacationing stuff was also plentiful. For 25 years, I’ve visited Maine at least every other summer, but never made it to Acadia National Park. Don’t make that mistake. If you’re a National Park person (I am), plan on spending more than three days in and around the park. That’s what we did and only scratched the surface.

Returning home today, I was in the Manchester airport for a few hours before my flight and “experienced” the Titans-Ravens game by watching helmets go up and down the field on NFL.com’s game stat page. I was tempted to pay for the feed of the radio, but it required a subscription ($10/month; $35/season – Note to NFL: sell a one-game pay-per-listen for $5. Geez, now I realize I could have gotten a 7-day free trial) but my flight was supposed to take off about half-time. It was a rather odd thing being glad the plane was delayed. Back to the stats page, NFL.com provides an impressive array of game-day features, including this real-time play-by-play recap. It’s not like being there or even watching a game on TV, but if you’re a thousand miles away and it’s the only access you have, it beats phoning your bookie (which is what the guy sitting across from me kept doing until I invited him to look over my shoulder.)

Biggest regret about not seeing the game: Missing Pacman Jones not drop the ball on a kick return. I am the proud owner of a #32 P Jones jersey. No kidding. I decided at least one fan in the stands should wear one. I look forward to one day saying I was a Pacman fan before it was cool.

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