By popular demand, a “How about those ‘Dores’?” post

By popular demand, a “How about those ‘Dores’?” post: The football team at the university down the street from rexblog HQ gets what Nashville Scene blogger Bruce Barry calls a “fantasy page” in today’s New York Times.


I must say that I could see in their eyes that they felt like they had crossed a Rubicon,” (Vanderbilt’s chancellor, Gordon) Gee said in a telephone interview yesterday. By holding on to beat Mississippi on Saturday, Vanderbilt is 3-0 for the first time since 1984. And what must make Gee most proud is that the players in his program can define Rubicon.”

Maybe now’s not the right time…

Maybe now’s not the right time…: …to be inviting all those folks back into New Orleans. I think I’ll follow the “Rita” story via the Times-Picayune breaking news weblog.

Link: The National Weather Service “National Huricane Center” Tropical Prediction Center’s Tropical Storm Rita Page

Update: As pointed out by Blake in the comments, New Orleans Mayor Nagin has disinivited the folks from coming back into town.

For the record, I’d like to be on record as the first to blame Mayor Nagin and President Bush for any damages that may be caused by Rita.


Google won’t buy a magazine business

Google won’t buy a magazine business: Even people I really respect and who know a lot more about the “media” business than I still don’t seem to understand Google’s business model depends on them cooperating with the maximum number of “content” companies. The majority of the revenues they generate from AdSense advertising appearing on websites other than Google search pages, go directly into the coffers of their publishing partners. It is a classic advertising sales representation business model. While I understand the thesis that they are in the “content business” and therefore could, in theory, purchase “content businesses” including magazines, with their billions, the logic falls apart when considering the opportunities Google has for making money with all publishers rather than competing with them.

Note: I will likely be proven wrong on this observation, but at least am willing to provide this post as a permalink for someone to refer to when saying, “I told you so.”

iPod nano-post

iPod nano-post: While not as cool as the transistor iPod I used to listen to back in the day, I must admit the new black iPod nano is right up there. Like iPods before it, it just feels cool. And it comes in black. However, it seems odd the black iPods come with white earbuds. Shouldn’t they be black? Although, I don’t really care as those earbuds that come with any iPod are remarkable bad — or perhaps my ears are just not the right size.

My black iPod nano is “personalized” with my name and cell phone number etched on back, so if it gets lost or stolen, whoever ends up with it will have the option of calling me to say how much they’re enjoying it.