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iPod nano-post: While not as cool as the transistor iPod I used to listen to back in the day, I must admit the new black iPod nano is right up there. Like iPods before it, it just feels cool. And it comes in black. However, it seems odd the black iPods come with white earbuds. Shouldn’t they be black? Although, I don’t really care as those earbuds that come with any iPod are remarkable bad — or perhaps my ears are just not the right size.

My black iPod nano is “personalized” with my name and cell phone number etched on back, so if it gets lost or stolen, whoever ends up with it will have the option of calling me to say how much they’re enjoying it.


2 thoughts on “iPod nano-post

  1. A friend of mine got one, I touched it and almost melted. That little thing is a work of art.

    Plus it feels really substantial. I mean, I liked the shuffle but this one doesn’t feel like it could be snapped in half by a child.

    I’m already planning to get one for Caruthers!!!

  2. I’m officially jealous. I really want one, but I don’t know if I can justify having a THIRD iPod…

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