Recovery 2.0 idea

Recovery 2.0 idea: I can’t tell you how many times during the past three weeks I was disappointed that the “block view” for New Orleans was not a part of A9 maps beta.

In the future, having such a building-by-building photo database could be extremely helpful in a Recovery 2.0 scenario.

The wiki-like Google maps mashup at combined with a building-by-building viewpoint could provide a unique visual interface for telling individual stories — and for helping those with connections to specific neighborhoods find out what’s taking place there.


Hyper-local political blogging

Hyper-local political blogging: My Nashville Metro Councilman (and friend) Chris Whitson resigned from the council today because a new state statute could one day be used to interpret as a “conflict of interest” any work his law firm does on behalf of corporate clients who have any type of contract with the city.

While corrupt Tennessee lawmakers have displayed the need to enact laws like this, it is unfortunate that such actions have the unintended consequence of forcing the resignation of one of the good guys like Chris.

Our loss.