.Mac groups ain’t no iPod nano

.Mac groups ain’t no iPod nano: As a longtime .Mac customer — I use it primarily to host photos appearing on this blog — I gave the new .Mac groups feature a 2-minute whirl today to see what it’s all about.

Call it the .Mac Groups Nono, because it allows you to set up a group that is accessible only by other paying .Mac customers. Talk about your gated community. This makes as much sense to me as, say, Apple eWorld.

Besides, it is an inexcusably lame knock-off of an incredibly wonderful web app, Backpack, that you can share with others who don’t have to pay for a membership.

One thought on “.Mac groups ain’t no iPod nano

  1. Preach it rex. Apple is one of the major enemies of open source. Now Steve is getting bt by the record companies, oh well. Nice blog you have.

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