Shameless gloating

Shameless gloating: I’ve never been a “team owner” before, but today I’m having a Bud Adams moment after a team from Hammock Publishing came away champions last night from the 12th Annual Nashville Corporate Spelling Bee, a fundraiser for the Nashville Adult Literacy Council. (The readers of this weblog will understand why I was not invited to be on the team.) The winning word was racanteur* but a special rexblog shout-out needs to go to the rexblog commenter “Hudge” who spelled “psittacosis.” (Later, I’ll be linking to a Hammorati weblog post about the event and to other coverage of the Bee. However, now I’m at an editorial mini-camp with some of those spelling aces and others.)

*which, as Mr. R. points out was actually spelled correctly, raconteur, by the winners, proving why I wasn’t invited to participate.

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