Thanks: A big shout-out thanks to Dylan Stableford at Folio: for pointing to, a blog we’ve set up to support the folks at Louisiana Cookin Magazine. Get used to it: I’m going to keep mentioning Keep Cookin until you go over there and purchase a subscription from them. Okay. So go ahead and do it.

I especially like the part where Dylan says, “Hammock Publishing, the Nashville-based custom publishing firm fronted by popular b-to-b blogger Rex Hammock.”

I guess that means I have officially reached some type of tipping point. The leading trade publication in my profession (as in, the business field I’m in) now describes me as “the blogger who fronts a publishing company” — rather than as a publishing company executive who blogs.

That’s okay with me.

Who knows? Maybe one day, Hammock Publishing will be known as those bloggers who publish magazines.