Unique VU game experience

Unique VU game experience: I attended the Vanderbilt-Richmond football game tonight. I don’t know if I can get used to the whole winning thing — they’re 4-0. Or, the stadium being filled with fans who are all cheering for Vanderbilt. Or Vanderbilt fans doing the wave for way too long. Or the student section filling up before the second quarter. Or the first-string quarterback being able to sit out half of the fourth quarter so the second string quarterback can get some snaps.

One complaint: the Vanderbilt defense is way too porous.

Next morning update: Oops. I guess there are some traditions that winning football teams have that Vanderbilt would hope to avoid.

2 thoughts on “Unique VU game experience

  1. Well, this didn’t take long. You know that when a team starts 4-0, the off field violence isn’t far behind. Kidding, kidding! Wonder what it’s all about?

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