One honkin’ hot spot

Rexblog exclusive – One honkin’ hot spot: On the way home from the office today, I confirmed a tip from a rexblog reader: Nashville’s Metro Parks Department is now providing free wireless access (wifi) throughout Centennial Park, home of one of Nashville’s best known landmarks, the full-scale replica of the Parthenon.

I have not found a press release or local news coverage indicating when the hot spot came online, however, a Google search revealed a sentence buried in this June 21 Tennessean article (see second to last sentence) indicating the park would start the service in August or September.

Using MacStumbler, I discovered a robust signal throughout the park indicating several access points. The Metro Parks website provides no information about the size of the park, but I estimate it is about 15-20 square blocks (100 acres?). Even if my estimate of the size of the park is on the high side, I am certain this is the largest contiguous area of free wireless internet access in Nashville. (While Vanderbilt University’s 300-acre campus (including Peabody) across the street from Centennial Park has huge areas of wifi coverage, it is not technically “free” or public or, at least in my experience, contiguous.)

Access to the Centennial Park wifi is free but requires a log-on, user-agreement acknowlegement. No registration is required but an e-mail address must be included with the acknowlegement log-in. I did not test the access to see if any content filters are being used.

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  1. whee, you can go to the park and never look up from your computer – hey, is there a centennial park webcam we could access?

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