The former quarterback controversy update

The former quarterback controversy update: Larry Woody, writing this morning in the Tennessean, has an understatement-for-the-ages from head coach Phil Fulmer about Rick Clausen’s performance in last night’s game: “I may have underestimated him a lot. Obviously.”

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Tennessee football, here is the quote Fulmer should have provided the press: “I’d like to get down on my knees and thank Rick because he’s the only reason I won’t find a ‘For Sale’ sign on my front lawn tomorrow morning. I’ve decided to name him starting quarterback for life. Oh, did I mention retiring his jersey?”

3 thoughts on “The former quarterback controversy update

  1. Not just Clausen but the entire team put on quite a performance in the second half. The guy who scored the winning TD just would not be denied – it must have been the last bit of juice he had left in him on a sweltering Louisiana night. They got behind Clausen, and he was very gracious in acknowledging them. The other QB better start learning to parse, since passing doesn’t seem his strong point right now.

  2. My point is the whole team was putting on a pathetic performance in the first half. It was only after Clausen entered the game did their performance turn-around. In science, I think that’s called a controlled experiment.

  3. I can’t believe that I forgot about the game. I’m no expert, and barely a fan, but Clausen has looked better than Ainge in every game I’ve seen. Too bad internet nerds aren’t into football as much as they are into Star Trek or I might be able to find a replay of the game somewhere.

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