Rollyo – Wow!

Rollyo – wow!: is
one of those web applications that is so brilliantly obvious you can’t
believe someone hasn’t already done it. It gives you the ability to set
up a narrow search parameter of up to 25 websites of your choice (a “searchroll” — get it, like a “blogroll”), name
it, and even share it.

As a test, I’ve set up a narrow search (okay, a “searchroll”) of
some of the magazine-related web resources I use and named it
“Rexblog’s magazine resources.” Say, if you want to search for
“circulation scandal,” and you just want to search a universe of
magazine-industry related websites, it would be a good place to start.
As soon as I figure out how to, I’ll link directly to it. You can find it by going to my rollyo profile page

uses Yahoo! APIs for the actual search function. You can export a
blogroll and set up a search for that parameter of websites, for

As search engines continue to brag about indexing
billions of sites, this takes search in the opposite direction. Just
search the 25 or fewer sites you trust (or someone who is an expert in
that topic trusts).

This is big. Actually, it’s small. Actually, it’s big because it is small.

Update: Okay, now blogger and rollyopreneur Dave Pell has blogged it and points to Gary Price’s explanation.

(via: lots of folks, but not, ironically, media blogger and Rollyo founder Dave Pell.)

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