What Chris Anderson said

What Chris Anderson said: “The most successful business blogs are peer-to-peer: engineers, designers and managers within a company blogging about their own projects for the engineers, designers and other customers outside the company who use those products or care about that project.”

Chris was disagreeing with what Steve Baker’s warning about a backlash from CEOs who blog when they decide that all blogging is like their experience. On this one, I agree with Chris. The most interesting business blogs are from people actually creating and using products, or who care about the projects. CEO-speak makes for boring blogs. Honest, real, human-voice and filter-free writing makes for interesting blogs.

I’ve said before, one CEO who would make a great blogger is Warren Buffett if he maintained a blog with the same style, wit and edge and in the same voice as his annual letter to shareholders.

(Note: While I’m the CEO of a small business (25 employees), I’ve never viewed this as a CEO blog. I’ve always described it as a “personal blog” not a “business blog.”)