Open is the new proprietary

Open is the new proprietary: The Open Content Alliance opens.

From the NY Times:

“An unusual alliance of corporations, nonprofit groups and universities plans to announce today an ambitious plan to digitize hundreds of thousands of books over the next several years and put them on the Internet, with the full text accessible to anyone. The effort is being led by Yahoo, which appears to be taking direct aim at a similar project announced by its archrival, Google, whose own program to create searchable digital copies of entire collections at leading research libraries has run into a series of challenges since it was announced nine months ago.”

Also: AP Story and Brewster Kahle’s introduction.


2 thoughts on “Open is the new proprietary

  1. I too am a bit jaded about “open”, such as sun microsystems’ “open drm”, but why do you think this is not “open” in the sense of “open source”? that is what we are modeling this on.


  2. I’m sorry. I do think this is open. My “open” is th new proprietary is a unsuccessful, apparently, reference to the whole “pink is the new black” or “small is the new big” I think it’s great what you’re doing.

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