Branding needs a new story

Branding needs a new story: (From the October Fast Company) “Corporate America is obsessed with branding. But minus the hype, branding is really just commonsense strategy, rebranded.”

Perhaps due to the cowboy nature of many in marketing, “branding” is the worst business metaphor ever created. Never has a concept been so explained, yet so misunderstood. Anyway, wasn’t branding declared dead a year ago?

Why not come up with a new metaphor for business schools to obsess over for the next decade or so? I suggest Seth Godin‘s “storytelling” metaphor as a potential “branding” replacement.

As a public service, here is the rexblog definition of corporate story telling: Your company has stories to tell. If the stories are true and you tell them well, people will listen and repeat your stories. They will make up their own version of your stories. Your stories will become legends. However, if you attempt to tell stories about your company that don’t match up with reality, then people will ignore them and you’ll wonder why that expensive logo and ad campaign failed. Your story will become a fable about how not to be a branding expert.