Google Maps zipcode mashup

Google Maps zipcode mashup: Several folks have blogged this ( today, but I couldn’t help myself. Type in your zipcode and you’ll see a red line showing its boundries. It’s the simple things that thrill me.

(Note to, well, you know who you are: wikipedia entry for mashup.)

(via: programmableweb which has lots more mashups and directories of services that with APIs that allow them to be mash-upable.)

4 thoughts on “Google Maps zipcode mashup

  1. Rex, I didn’t see a red line outlining my zip 37072. Typed in that zip in Google and viewed via Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, and Mapquest. Any thoughts on why I could not view a red outline of the zip as you did?


  2. Thanks Rex – I never knew about the API mashups… Definitely appreciated 🙂

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