RSS homecoming

RSS homecoming: If Om Malik is correct (he usually is on this type of news) and NewsGator is acquiring Ranchero (NetNewsWire), then my photo from Gnomedex in June (at the Seattle Library) was accidentally prescient. On the left is Nick Bradbury (creator of FeedDemon, NewsGator’s first acquisition) and flanking that guy with the beard are Shelia and Brent Simmons (creators of NetNewsWire).

For the record, I’m fairly certain that guy with the beard is not for sale.

Update: It’s official. And for the “Nashville angle,” here’s a link to Nick Bradbury’s post on the topic. By the way, Nick’s recent surgery certainly didn’t diminish his sense of humor, as his comment below and his “denying rumor” post earlier this afternoon display.

(via: the guy with the beard)

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  1. Rex, given the psychic nature of your camera, could you find a way to take a picture of me next to Elizabeth Hurley 🙂

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