Remember to eat out tonight

Remember to eat out tonight: Despite Mr. Roboto’s complaint that their logo displays spoonism, I’m participating in Dine for America” tonight. When I last looked, almost 17,000 restaurants around the country have signed on to participate in the hurricane relief effort. If you live in Nashville, eat out tonight in one of these restaurants. To find a restaurant near you that is participating, visit this directory on the Dine for America website,

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7 thoughts on “Remember to eat out tonight

  1. You should add “spoonism” to your tags. I’ll be eating out tonight to support the cause, and I will only use my spoon to support that cause.

  2. I dined for America at Carrabba’s in Green Hills. Out of habit and good manners, I used my fork, but I didn’t once use my knife.

  3. Again [and I’ve said this before on Busy Mom’s blog, the spork is evil and should never have been invented. When we were growing up, my sisters and I called it a “foon” because we thought it sounded sillier.

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