AOL buys Weblogs Inc.

AOL buys Weblogs Inc.: PaidContent.Org breaks this blockbuster:

Weblogs Inc.…is being bought by America Online, has learned from multiple sources….

…How much will Weblogs Inc. cost AOL? One estimate I heard today was roughly $20 million as an earn-out — to get it all, Weblogs Inc. would have to meet certain goals. But I’ve also heard talk of Flickr-like numbers, which would make it closer to $30-35 million range. Certainly to Weblogs’ execs advantage to have people thinking towards the higher end.

If Weblogs Inc. sold for 20x-35x revenues, it is, indeed 1999 2.0.

Can’t believe the whispered prices, but it’s a good thing.


Wow. Rafat. Is the clock ticking?