Speaking of rumors

Speaking of rumors: Hmm. Dave? What about this rumor kottke is spreading? (If Dave has just boarded a cross-country flight, he’s going to have some interesting-looking in-coming links when he lands.)

Update: Josh Hallett confirms the rumor that he’s in discussions with the NY Times regarding a 9-week “low-level” content delivery deal.

Update II: Staci at PaidContent.org confirms the rumor (although not the amount) from other sources. Wow. Good for you, Dave.

Update III: Dave lands in N.C. and confirms the rumor that assets of weblogs.com, the ping service, are being acquired by VeriSign. And Michael Graves (no, not that Michael Graves) of VeriSign blogs why.

Note: I apologize to those who are reading this and are as confused as I am when I’m listening to a radio sports talk show and the subject turns to hockey. This stuff is especially confusing when, on the same day, two different blogospheric transactions are revealed, one involving a company called Weblogs Inc., and the other, a deal that involves the acquisition of the “assets of” something completely different that’s called weblogs.com.

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