Mr. Magazine’s meta list

Mr. Magazine’s meta list: In recognition of his 20 years of being the maven of magazine launches, Mr. Magazine, Samir Husni, was asked by MIN Online to give his list of the most “notable” (not, necessarily best, but “notable”) consumer magazine launches of the past two decades. They were announced Thursday in New York (not in Oxford, Miss., where Mr. Magazine is chairman of the Ole Miss Journalism Dept.)

Here’s his list:

Cooking Light

Country Weekly

ESPN The Magazine

Entertainment Weekly


In Touch Weekly

Martha Stewart Living
Men’s Health
Midwest Living
O, The Oprah Magazine
People En Español
Real Simple
Traditional Home

I’ll take his word on Wizard. And while they are wildly successful, I question the “notable” rankings of the brand extentions and the derivative books (Midwest Living? Traditional Home? Knock-offs, not notable — but cash machines, no doubt.)

For the most part, the specific magazines on his list (and others like them) have thrived in the online era — and will continue to do so. Their readers are convinced the experience of curling up with one of these can’t be replicated by reading the same information on a computer screen.

3 thoughts on “Mr. Magazine’s meta list

  1. I bet the curl up factor and digital era will within soon find a point of intersection. There have been some advances in applying various digital functions to flexible materials like cloth. A flexible ebook or ezine might not be out of the question, something you can literally curl, rather than perch on your knees or lap. One might someday read the rexblog while in one’s hammock …

  2. I think I pass the “I love the Internet & and am a hopeless geek” test, however I think the “flexible e-book” (which is right up there with the video phone and personal airplane for most-predicted product that has yet to show up) won’t replace the kinds of magazines on the list, rather they will replace the computer as the preferred means of accessing the web — and other things like video and serving as a mobile phone.

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