Pacman needs some love, people

Pacman needs some love, people: I think when a rookie gets major national press coverage for how fans boo him whenever he walks onto the field and because his teammates stick him with a $14,000 restaurant tab, it’s time for someone to start an unofficial fan club for that rookie.

Okay, I volunteer. I’ve already purchased a #32 P. Jones jersey (while the link goes to one that has merely “Jones,” mine says P. Jones) and the other day I registered the domain (no link ’cause there’s nothing there yet).

Who knows, maybe some day soon I will link that URL to an I have forwarded the URL to a possible “unofficial” weblog (temporary address – I may (or may not) post to about the future NFL Hall of Famer that everyone I know except me loves to hate.

If you’d like to join my unofficial Pacman Jones fan club, I’m sorry, I don’t think we’ll actually have members or dues or anything like that. I figure why go and do something to invite lawsuits from both a giant videogame company and an NFL football player who already has a record of suing people.

So, let me get this on the record: The Unofficial PacMan Fan Club has no affiliation with either the videogame PacMan or with Pacman Adam Jones or, for that matter, with Atari (or whoever owns the Pacman license) or the NFL.

Update: Pacman just broke open a kickoff return, so, as I’ve said before, maybe the boos will stop.