The WSJ could learn something from Google

The WSJ could learn something from Google: Is it just me, or is there something slightly humorous about the Wall Street Journal posting an article in “Today’s Free Features” called “With ‘Free’ Lure, Will Google Tap More Markets?

Side note: Oddly, the WSJ didn’t post as a free feature its Monday story on podcasting — an article that would have been a powerful link magnet. However, some podcasting dude posted a PDF version of it.

Update: The podcast story is now a free feature. Thanks, Staci (see comments).

2 thoughts on “The WSJ could learn something from Google

  1. The Journal released a free link for the podcasting story late in the day. Not sure but I think the delay had to do with it being a page one story. It looks like it may not have made it into the RSS feed for some reason. Here’s the tiny url for the story:

  2. Thanks, Staci. As I am a “paying” subscriber to the WSJ, I don’t always know what is and isn’t free. And as my “interface” with the WSJ these days is primarily via RSS, I missed that posting. Thanks.

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