New search things I like

New search things I like: I like how Yahoo! News is incorporating blogs in the search results (see the box on the right hand side of the page of this search on the term “Pacman Jones.”) That’s search with mojo. (Note: “mojo” is not a word I use except in a tongue-in-cheek way when referring to anything Yahoo! does that is clever.) By the way, if you really want to search the “world live web” (a Doc Searls term), the Yahoo! news search “Advanced Search” page just moved to the head of the class as you can place time-parameters on search results and it incorporates both news and blog results on one page and you can obtain an RSS feed of a search with those parameters. That’s lots of toys for one low price of free.

Update: Dave Winer is trying it out also and sees some things I don’t. For example, he’s not sure the time parameter feature applies to blogs. I agree with him on the “index more blogs” suggestion, but unlike Dave, I personally prefer blog results and news results to be separate. I value (often equally) what I learn from bloggers and what I learn from traditional news channels — but I also appreciate their differences. (Another topic for another post. However, for the record, I think is a news site as well as a weblog and perhaps should be indexed both as a “news” and “blog” source.)

Upate II: A article focuses on the “demarcation” between news and blogs on the Yahoo! News search results page.

On another front: I also like the simplicity of If you have web access on a cell-phone, you’re going to have a favorite new search solution. It’s also a wonderful display of how to unlock the power hidden in RSS feeds, but that’s a wonkish discussion for another time and place.