Blogging is not not a Web 2.0 thing

Blogging is not not a Web 2.0 thing: I promised myself (fortunately, not publicly) that I’d refrain from using the term Web 2.0, but I feel the need to jump in with an “Amen” to David Weinberger’s explanation for why “blogging” is not a Web 2.0 thing and why it’s important not to misunderstand that “voice” and “conversation” were part of the great impulse of the Web from the beginning.


“But blogging as an enabler of individual voices talking together is (IMO) a great example of Web 1.0. The ability to talk in our own voice about what matters to us and to do so in conversation is exactly what got hundreds of millions of us onto the Web in the first place.”

Side note: I don’t use the term Web 2.0. because whenever a term starts being used by any one to mean anything, it suddenly means nothing to no one.