One more thing you won’t see Wednesday – The Treo iPod

One more thing you won’t see Wednesday – The Treo iPod: Here’s a product I guarantee Steve Jobs won’t be introducing at the big Apple product announcement Wednesday at 10 a.m., PDT. It’s a nano-hack I doubt you’ll ever see on any reputable gadget weblog or on the pages of Make magazine.

It’s something I call the iPod Treo. It’s designed to allow you to put a Treo and an iPod in the same pocket without having them scratching up against one another. It allows you to have a cell phone with camera, web browser and a thousand MP3s, photos, podcasts or audiobooks all velcro’d together.

Here’s what you’ll need:

An iPod nano
A Treo (my 600 is pictured)
Veclcro® Sticky-Back® fastners (black pictured, white available, a $1.79 for a package of 12)

Attach as shown and slip into coat pocket.

Strengths: Feature packed and funky.

Weaknesses: Redundant features and weird looks from strangers.

Warning: If you’re crazy enough to do this, you’ll not want to display it in public as it will void any cool-factor you perhaps may garner from showing off your iPod nano.

Note: I’m not seriously suggesting anyone do this.

8 thoughts on “One more thing you won’t see Wednesday – The Treo iPod

  1. I cannot recall where, but I have seen clothing specially made for holding one’s personal electronics. all sorts of pockets and loops and such. anyone recall this, too?

  2. Which side do you want to scratch first? Palm or Apple. My bet is on Apple’s jello like plastic coating which by the way is NOT as tough as previous iPods since I own a black nano and have had 3 ipods (the original wheel, the stupid one with the super sensitive buttons, and the ipod photo) and none of those scratch as easily as the nano.

  3. It IS a real problem. Happens in your purse, too. At least a guy could try separate pockets? Or your have your keys in the other pocket, maybe? Bill, I have to call fashion foul for suggesting clothes with extra pockets and loops. And also on the rexblog for the Velcro, however effective it might be.

  4. WHY is there no “edit” button on this comment functionality? I ALWAYS find a typo immediately after posting here.

  5. Why not have a garment meant to hold specific things, rather than distributing them around a garment or garments not meant to hold them. When I wear my cell phone on my belt (rare that I carry it at all, but that’s another issue), i can never decide whether to cover it with my t-shirt or let it be free. the former looks like i am packing small heat

  6. Ummm I’m just not going to call you out any further in public here on Rex’s blog. But you have got to stop doing it yourself, with this “when I wear my cell phone on my belt” business.


    You’re going to seriously hit me tomorrow, aren’t you?

  7. Heck no, Laura, you actually praised me without meaning to. Not only am I not a slave to fashion, I am not a slave to my phone/pda/otherwidgetry either. Dialup rocks!

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