The way it will be

The way it will be: To me, the most interesting aspect of the big announcement today is the $1.99 video downloads of TV shows. Significant. Blockbuster? Netflix? Gotta be hearing footsteps.

Also, it may surprise you, but I’m not interested in watching video on a 2 inch screen so the new iPod doesn’t even make it onto my “that would be nice to have” list.

I’ve watched Spiderman II on a PSP so I know for certain I’m not a teeny screen video fan.

3 thoughts on “The way it will be

  1. Even with the feature that lets you plug the dock into the tv and watch on the big screen? That sounds much more appealing to me. But in general, I only use my iPod in situations that rule out any kind of watching behavior. I guess if I spent time on a subway or on a bus that might be different.

  2. That makes two of us, Rex. I have no desire to watch videos or TV on a screen that small. I do find the idea of downloading a TV show I missed for $1.99 appealing though. That sounds much easier than messing around with BitTorrent…

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