Is Weblogs Inc. “splogging”?

Is Weblogs Inc. “splogging”? This post started out as a point to Paul Conley’s great question: Where are the magazine bloggers? (And he’s not talking about magazine-owned blogs, but bloggers who blog about magazines. Specifically, there need to be circulation people blogging and production people blogging and, as Paul points out, magazine design bloggers. I agree with him, by the way.)

I recalled that Weblogs Inc. used to have such a blog and that I once had it on my magazine resources blogroll. However, when I go to the link,, I get something that looks an awful lot like a splog. This is definitely not an archive of the once active weblog, rather a space-holder that is churning out automated search-enhancing promotional posts, or, “spam blogging.” Perhaps there may be a reason to call it something other than a splog (a “perputually-posting archival blog” perhaps), but it sure quacks and waddles like a splog.

Is splogging taking place on other defunct blogs from Weblogs Inc.?

One thought on “Is Weblogs Inc. “splogging”?

  1. Come on… it’s obviously not a splog. It’s an archived site that we’re not updating any more. The best of WIN goes out each week and some of the ones that are archive blogs get the posts… but there is nothing SPAM like about it.

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