The WSJ reports on “splogging” explosion

The WSJ reports on “splogging” explosion: Seeing that links appearing on blogs help influence search engines, some reptilian marketers developed software that creates spam blogs (splogs) that repeat what’s posted on other sites like this one, onto pages that include the links they are trying to move up on the search index. I could link to five such sites that are using rexblog content, but trust me. Today, the Wall Street Journal (free feature) has a piece on the problem.

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  1. On the topic of content-repurposing, Northwest Noise is listed in Yahoo! Podcasts has been hosted somewhere other than my website. In Yahoo!, my feed says it’s coming from – this is news to me because I have no idea who podkeyword is. WIth blog content-repurposing the perpetuators do it in order to move up in the search engines – but what is there motivation for repurposing content (audio and video)? Increased advertising profits? It’s obvious identity and trust is still very poor on the Internet; heck, even in real life! Identity theft is increasing. Bummer.

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