Hearst to pull plug on Custom Publishing unit

Hearst to pull plug on Custom Publishing unit: I have learned from several sources that Hearst has announced internally that it is exiting the magazine custom publishing business and is closing the New York-based Hearst Custom Publishing. The announcement came last week and the unit will be closed November 4. The company will continue to publish custom magazines for those with whom it has contracts, but will not pursue new contracts, according to sources outside the company, but who are familiar with the news.

That’s probably all I’m going to blog on this topic, as unnamed sources is not my thing…nor is breaking news, for that matter.

Update: Clarification: I heard this from multiple sources, all outside Hearst.

One thought on “Hearst to pull plug on Custom Publishing unit

  1. Rex,

    Thanks for this information. I’m always intrigued by the developments of the custom publishing business. Would love to learn more about why Hearst has decided to back out of this venture. Any tips you could provide would be appreciated.

    I’ve pointed to this story (and your blog) in a special weekend edition of “Much Ado About Marketing.”

    Thanks again,

    Mike Bawden
    Brand Central Station

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