What, no Joi Ito?

What, no Joi Ito? How can someone come up with a list of top, ugh “Web 2.0” venture capitalists and leave out Joi Ito? Joi not only “gets” it, he helped create it. He’s written more, traveled more, evangelized more and walked-the-walk more than just about any blogger I’ve followed.

He was investing in “this space” before it became a space.

Okay, so he’s spending time these days working on a PhD and helping grow the companies he’s invested in rather than focusing on raising VC capital and making new investments, but being one of the earliest outside investors in Six Apart (Movable Type), Technorati and flickr gives him hall-of-fame status for 2.0 VCing in my book.

(via: tech.memorandum.com)

2 thoughts on “What, no Joi Ito?

  1. Rex, I screwed that up, and freely admit it. I even spoke with Joi at the Luxembourg ICANN conference over the summer and just didn’t think of him (nor did his name come up in my interviews). Thanks for writing this. I’ve added a link to your post in the comments (see comment no. 18).

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